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Community Roofing & Restoration, Inc.
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Whitefish Bay, WI 53217–8081

You can learn quite a lot about Community Roofing and Restoration, Inc. by checking out Community Roofing’s old web site, now archived at

Please know that the old web site is now a historic document only, not reflective of current business relationships.

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Gearing Up for Mindful Response to Winter Challenges to Our Homes and Buildings

Cedar Shake Wizzard Tom Grossman on Whitefish Bay Project Early 1980s

This is one of our more spectacular roof as art projects installed by a most gifted “cedar shake man” Tom Grossman, who eventually founded Rover Renovations, now based in the Southwest, USA. We hope Tom, a Vietnam Veteran, may come to Milwaukee to help us install cedar shingles on the Soldiers Home Chapel, if we are so fortunate as to win that contract.

Photo Journal of 30 Years of Community
is a link to help Churches address restoration issues from the National Trust for Historic Preservation

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