For the work of a generation or two or three
To win the title “Renaissanace”

A myriad of concepts
Will grow with the great cause.

I propose “contextual theology”
To be among those chosen.

This is a vast concept,
Even a mystery.

But I believe in my bones
It is worth considering,

With my exuberant friends,
Renaissance workers.

Here’s a note I sent
In response to a missed rendez-vous:

Please know deeply
That I and my heroes of 10,000 movements

Aspire to become
Contextual Theologians.

Mathi, just another guy from South Africa,
Has been using poetry and his life to teach me this.

This means, for starters, that we commit
To do the right thing

In the moment.

Words of commitment to future actions
Contain a phrase unspoken…

“God and all of the gods willing.”

So we all knew that something came up.

December 2005

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