Why Have Not Hillary, Obama, and/or Edwards Looked into City Farming?

Are They Not Ignoring Millions of “Locavore” Voters?

Are They Not Missing an Inexpensive & Creative Way to Transform Health System by Elevating Our Diets and Our Life Styles?

Does anyone have any idea as to how it could be
That our top Democratic Three,
Have not yet understood the cancer
That is industrial agriculture?

Michael Pollan inspires in me
(“In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto”)
The concept that we are violating
Our bodies and our spirits
By a basic, “systemic” flaw
In our “food system.”

Local, organic, city farming
As pioneered by Milwaukee’s Will Allen,
Dramatically endorsed by Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daley,
Is proving a creative, evolutionary response.

But somehow none of our best and brightest Democratic candidates
Has awakened to this new possibility.

Why not?


Last edited by Brydie. Based on work by Godsil.  Page last modified on January 27, 2008

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