Dear Jeff,

Thanks for responding to my post regarding my interest in supporting MIAD artists/designers who might wish to explore ways to developing their own “social enterprise.”

It might take many words to launch a long-term collaboration to advance your career as one of the artist “social enterpriser” who made Milwaukee famous in its 21st century renaissance.

From a working class to a creative class city. has an introductory page that expresses my intuition that Milwaukee will become know for its beauty and those who make and preserve it.

On that web site are many pages of prose that will give you some idea about what kind of collaboration I am hoping to establish with “creatives” like yourself. If the Spirit moves you wander around in there are let me know if anything makes any sense in terms of your immediate and mid-range plans.

The section of “peddling” might be a good place to learn some of the things I have in mind.

Perhaps in the “On Line Journal of Social Enterprise” we might give you a space to talk about yourself and your work.

Then we could decide together about what kinds of publics to send your “promotional” bio sketches and work portfolios to, both internet wise and face to face visit wise.

We can have some on-line conversations and some personal encounters at different places in the Old City that might prove inspirational.

This Tuesday around 4:30 to 5:30 I hope to meet with a couple of the finest artist/artisans I’ve met these past 30 years, at the studio of the Kalendjian “Clan” of sculptors, stain glass creators, cabinet makers, ornamental iron workers, fine art painters, and more. See This will take place at Artur’s studio at the Enterprise Center at 9th & National, the last door south of the northwest corner of this great building.

Here is a web site that presents what I did as the hands-on owner of a restoration roofing company.

Feel free to invite other friends of yours with skills that might support your career development. Every artist/artisan needs “knowledge workers” and “promoters”(I like to use more ancient and powerful term “peddler” for myself).

Clear sailing,


P.S. Might you forward this to interested friends and to the professor at MIAD who was the welcoming and effective presence at the opening night of the Senior Project Presentation.

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