Godsil. You mentioned that your work to impeach Bush and Cheney is
part of a broader project of yours that involves the World Federalist
Association, where you worked in the late 1990s. Might you tell us
the story of how it came to pass that you came to work for the World
Federalist Association as well as what that organization is all about?

Metke. Well, my views on the world probably started back to when I was about
4 years old. One of my very first memories was seeing the photos
from the Nazi concentration camps of huge mountains of shoes and
glasses. I remember putting myself in the place of the victims and
wondering why nobody came to save them. Then, in high school I had a
terrifying dream of a nuclear explosion killing my family and as we
huddled together all I could think was “Why didn’t somebody do

In 1994 I backpacked alone around the world and encountered the
wonderful hospitality of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and
Taoists. It cemented my beliefs in the oneness of humanity.

I had long looked for a cause where my energies would be most
pivotal. In the mid-90′s, while reading the Shepherd Express, I saw
a blurb that simply said “Peace Through World Law” and a light bulb
came on. I came to the realization that the only effective way to
handle ALL the big problems of the world is through an effective,
democratic layer of global governance with checks and balances under
the watchful eye of a vigilant media and population. So I joined the
World Federalist Association, as had other notables like Albert
Einstein, Walter Cronkite, Norman Cousins, and our own Mayor Frank

The World Federalist Association started up immediately after the
horrors of World War II and was hugely popular around the world. The
principle is that countries retain most of their own sovereignty, but
band together to outlaw the global problems that nations cant solve
alone, such as war, global warming, international corporate
corruption, AIDs, etc. There are many plans on how to do this at the
global level. The European Union is a wonderful example of how once
warring nations have learned to live peaceably in a functioning
federation. And, as we see, their currency, unhindered by endless
war spending, is skyrocketing over ours.

So how did I get involved in impeachment? My belief in the vast
benefits of properly functioning governmental institutions
necessitated my unfortunate need to address the abuses I have seen
take place in our own government lately. The genius of our
Constitutions founders is that they imagined future abuse taking
place, so they mentioned the impeachment process SIX times so that
the Republic could be saved from those who overextend their powers.

Godsil.You backpacked alone around the world! Where did you
stay? How did you travel? Were you ever in any danger from violent
people, “official” or not, in your world travels?


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