The Barrio House will be a place for Bridie Godsil and Sofia Renova to combine everyday good living with business development concepts.

Bridie and Sofia plan on being the catalysts for the purchase of, ideally, if there is enough money and the banks go along, a duplex in the area between Lincoln on the south, National on the North, 1st on the East to 27th on the West.

They intend to by a fixer up house,
Fix it up while living in it,
With the help of artisinal partners & mentors,
Live in the house as appropriate,
Consider buying another house and repeat the process.

They will be partnering with Olde Godsile in the first round.

Olde Godsile will work with Bridie and Sofia to find artisans who will partner on the project, perhaps some with families who also will live in the house.

It is hoped that the Barrio House will be purchased by the Summer Solstice.

It is hoped that Bridie and Olde will learn lots of Spanish working and living with the family of a Latino restoration artisan.

Each of the three partners will commit to one task per day, which everyone agrees upon:

(l) Bridie will focus on occupational drivers liscence.
(2) Sofia will call 2 duplexes that she and Bridie looked at yesterday to ask them to send us an e-mail of the specs.
(3) Olde will call John Worm about ACTS Housing Project Homes in this area, e.g. city foreclosed homes, etc.

Basic Tasks Needing to Happen Over Next Month

  • Crate and Training for Puppy Deuce
  • Cardboard Boxes from Grocery Stores to Start Packing
  • Trips to Value Village to Donate Clothing and Objects
  • Recruitment of Latino Restoration Artisan and Handy Man with a Good Wife and Family to Partner with Us
  • Growing Power Garden Demonstration
  • Sofia Gets E-Mail Account. Bridie Helps
  • Letters to Advance the Cause
  • Partners and Resource People
  • Visions by Olde
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