Celebrating Good: Rebirthing 53206

In working on my project, Rebirthing 53206,” my moment by moment thoughts focus on considering what is good about many things around me. Very specifically, I consciously nurture my thoughts, my process and my progress. Rebirthing 53206, strives to rehab my gallery, the Terry McCormick Contemporary Fine and Folk Art Gallery, as a beautiful healthy loving community space that celebrates and shares creativity through artmaking and through artists committed to making art.

This year, monthly, the Terry McCormick Gallery celebrates the two-term election of President Barack Obama, as Americas first Black president. This includes celebrating Women’s History Month by showcasing the work of Blanche Brown, Della Wells and the female portraits drawn by Ras Ammar Nsoroma.

Evelyn will also be discussing Women’s History Month, usher in April as National Poetry month, and share a reading of her poem:

America, “Land of Opportunity”

Photo by Lee Matz

America, Land of Opportunity,” beckoned and they came. Some were already here. Others slipped in. Some walked in. Some swam in. Some sailed in. Some flew in. Groups of people came after being forced to leave homelands kidnapped or traded. Some came from concentration camps. Others immigrated, being tired and desiring a better life. Some fell in love and came. Some came for a better education. Some came seeking fame and fortune. Many came fleeing religious persecution. Some came after treacherous wars or political strife. Some came from prisons. But they came and are here. The reality is we are all here.

Evelyn Patricia Terry 2016

Women’s History Month

March 2016 is Women’s History Month In the United States and can be traced to its beginning association with the first International Women’s Day, March 8. 1911. This is a day, which some people celebrate by wearing purple ribbons.

Both women and men for successful outcomes must embrace the 2016 International Womens Day theme, gender parity. As Sweet Honey and the Rock sang, “We who believe in freedom must not rest until it comes.” Committed souls must work cooperatively to root out economic bias by joining forces to realize our limitless potential. Through embracing gender parity, we farther develop passionate community stakeholders, who understand, in our souls, the logic of the idea we all desire to earn equal pay for equal work.

National Poetry Month

My current book art projects include creating 13 books entitled, AMERICA: Guests Who Came to Dinner (and Stayed), containing my selected thoughts on being in America, like my poem above.

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