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Dear All,

When people found themselves in wars with neighboring people, the gift of a sturdy horse would make a family vastly more able to defend itself from invaders.

When people find themselves in a highly competitive information society with all kinds of job competitors from all over the planet, the gift of a wiki class would make a friend or family vastly more able to face the market place and win some value for labors, services, or products exchanged.

Why not give your honey or dear family member the gift of a Wiki Class at Bucketworks this winter?

One class only costs $15 and might well be enough to equip a particularly bright sweetheart or family member with a web site as elaborate as this one that probably took me the equivalent
of 3 classes, plus some phone support. (I’m rather dull witted about this stuff I must confess).

Give a call at 232 1336 or e-mail back if you’re interested in a holiday gift that will last forever. As good as teaching a youth to fish in the hunter/gatherer societies 10,000 years ago!

Clear sailing,
Milwaukee improving,


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