Introduction to the Concept of Writing Book and Peddling One Another

Hey Robert,

I am a peddler by nature, but self-taught.

I’ve only read one book on peddling, about a peddler who began as a German speaking Jew somewhere in Europe and peddled his way into ownership of department store(s) in Wisconsin, friendship with Fighting Bob LaFollette, and the first Jewish American to be elected to a state wide office.

He helped a friend write a book called “No Peddlers Allowed.” I highly recommend it. The marriage in one’s mind’s eye of the peddler in you and the artist in you will give rise to a lovely artist/artisan child, who will do his ancestors proud, and be capable of responsibly reproducing himself/herself, if into messy divine biological stuff, or be capable of making a spiritual mark on human evolution, if preferring Appolo to Dionysius.

You have come quite a ways further than most young artist/artisans I encounter, in terms of internet questing.

Would you be up for co-writing an on-line book with me, that would simply record our letters over the years, around the theme of my wanting you to hire me as one of your peddlers, you hoping that I can connect you with some good gigs.

How about a 50/50 split on the money we make from the book or articles we sell to magazines.

If I get you some good gigs, you pay me 10% for the first $5,000; 7% for the next $5,000; and 5% of anything over $10,000.

Same deal holds if you get me gigs as a peddler for your friends.

So if you are up for this I would like to house our e-mail at a web site we’ll call GodsilCrawfordJobHunts, which you would find by going to and doing a search for Godsil Crawford Job Hunt.

What say?

Clear sailing,


Dear Robert,

Now is the time for new product development, sure, but even more it’s the time for…


Many, many artists and artisans hate the be employees in companies.

But they also hate peddling themselves.

A compromise is for them to strike deals with peddlers like myself who will help them peddle.

I peddle for “alms” and also for percentages: 10% first $5,000; 7.5% for next $5,000; 5% for over $10,000.
I also offer counsel rooted in 40 years of peddling, often like a broken man wandering behind farting camels! But relentless. Unafraid.

If you have not been rejected 3 times in a day, you have not asked the universe for enough. Lowell Grossman, siding peddler.

I had hoped you would have spent a couple of hours with the co-op gang. A couple of them are trust fund babies looking for artisans to help on their own, paying projects.

Often, when you don’t have anything else to do, giving something to someone will find the universe returning the favor ten fold.

I know a 28 year old landscaper who donated his landscaping to the Charles Allis art museum.

This way he became known to the Board Members of that museum, one of whom was a board member of Villa Terrace.

The next year that landscaper became the hired contractor for the most spectacular landscaping project in Milwaukee that year…the Village Terrace.

May the Blessing of God rest upon you,
May God’s peace abide with you, and,
May the presence of God illuminate your heart now and forevermore,


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