Here is a place to present the story of
Milwaukee introducing the Urban Farm Movement
To presidential campaign workers
By offering them tasty, locally grown, organic food!

Letter Inviting Milwaukee to Offer Healthy, Tasty, Local, Organic Food to Campaign Workers for Wisconsin Presidential Primaries

Donate Local, Organic, Tasty Food to Your Candidate’s Campaign Workers!

I just bought some Will Allen Growing Power Spinach
fresh from the hoop house spinach gardens
at Milwaukee’s Last City Farm at 55th & Silver Spring,
to add to organic foods I picked up at
Outpost, the Riverwest Food Co-op, and perhaps Sendiks on Downer,
in preparation for a rice dish I’m going to take to
Obama’s Wisconsin Headquarters at
the SEIU Labor Council 633 S. Hawley Rd., in Milwaukee WI,
where field director named Nick Meyer,
and a full-time staff including
Megan Smith, Dave Vorland, Hy Safran, and Mike Reynertson
are orchestrating phone bank and door to door work
in Minnesota this month,
Wisconsin coming up very soon as well.

If you would like to let the world know that you supported such a
Health food offering for the committed citizens of
Your chosen candidate,
Send an e-mail to

[email protected]

If you wish, your offering will be duly noted at

Viva, local food movements!

Viva, the locavores!

Viva, the first candidate to win one million locavore votes
By simply visiting Will Allen and Growing Power City Farm!

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