Bucketworks Idea Spark Event: April 17, 1 to 2 p.m.: Federation of Neighborhoods Promote Milwaukee Culture Industry Rebirth of Freedom Celebration

Dear All,

Bear with me on this one. Just read a sentence here, a sentence there. If you read the whole thing and respond I would deliver some garlic parmesan potatoes to your house some Sunday morning in 2005.


General Theme:

Toward a Federation of Neighborhoods to

Promote Milwaukee Culture Industry and specifically, the

Rebirth of Freedom Celebration

Cleo Pruitt’s and Bridge Works’ “Rebirth of Freedom Celebration” at the Soldiers Home

Bucketworks “Idea Spark” Gathering

April 17,1 to 2 p.m.

Idea Spark Basics

  • one person winning 30 minutes of time to present their concept as the “Flame.”

In this instance Cleo Pruitt, perhaps joined by Mathibela Sebothoma and Sandy Folaron, will talk about the Save the Soldiers Home Movement and the Rebirth of Freedom Celebration at the Soldiers Home

  • 6 people who win 5 minutes to present their concept as Flash.

The flash people will have projects that are independent from that of the flame, but it is hoped that new connections and visions will grow. This drama has been called “combinatorial play” in a previous era.

Bill Sell has agreed to be one of the flash presenters. I will be sending invitations to people I already know are possible flash or flame presenters for 2005 and 2006. Let me know if you would like to participate.

  • on-line conversation before and after the “Idea Spark” drama and connections with the immense internet powers Bucketworks has to offer via Milwiki and Emergency Digital.


There is a “social mind” on line connecting many of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods.

There are hundreds of excellent artists and artisans, who could profit from a Federation of Neighborhoods that would develop projects aiming to advance the culture industry of Milwaukee, in part from the Soldiers Home Co-Op Micro Work Station.

Soldiers Home Co-Op Micro Work Stations

There will be an opportunity for organizations, individual artists, artisans, and knowledge workers, social enterprises, and “movements” to rent/lease some workstations at the Sodliers Home. I am hoping a “co-op” can be formed to handle these “consortiums.” The process of developing the “Soldiers Home Co-Op” will occupy some of my energies at the Bucketworks Idea Spark Great Issues Series, 2005–2006.

A Federation of Neighborhoods with real world space at the Soldiers Home and elaborate internet connections with partners and allies would have quite a lot of clout for projects like these:

  • neighborhood art and culture promotions at Summerfest, e.g. a tent devoted exclusively to Milwaukee culture creators
  • Rebirth of Freedom at the Soldiers Home
  • Locust St. Days
  • Bay View Bash
  • Heritage & Tourism Tourism promotions campaign involving partnerships with Visit Milwaukee, the NAACP, UrbAn, Soldiers Home Foundation, various Bids, and so forth.

  • connections with galleries, corporate buyers, senior centers, church organizations,and so forth.

Why not?


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