Letters Toward a Great Lakes Culture

Godsil St. Pat’s Soap Box Moment

Towards a Great Lakes Culture

I have had two beers so I’m afraid to speak
Without reading from my big black book.

It is my great joy to be part of a St. Pat’s celebration
That brings all of God’s children together to
Share visions and have fun together.

My vision for today is of the possibility of our
Contributing toward the emergence of a
Self conscious and self-organizing
Great Lakes Culture, from
Toronto to Deluth.

A Great Lakes Culture of the Middle Way,
Neither east nor west, not north or south,
Not left or right.

A Great Lakes Culture that escapes the
Ellitism of the Yankee East Coast Culture,
The Decadence of the Hollywood West Coast Culture,
The Macho Rigidity of the Taliban Fundamentalists of the South,
And the planet endangering consumerism of the Republican suburbs.

Here’s a metaphor to support a multi generational historic project
To spark a thoughtful culture of the middle way
In the Great Lakes Region.

It comes from a classic work in the cooperative anarchist movements,
Prince Kropotkin’s “Mutual Aid,” which refers to

A myriad of small social birds of different feathers,
Who combine in great flocks
To chase hawks, eagles, and vultures,
Just for the fun of it!

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