The Sweet Water Foundation was founded by myself & Emmanuel Pratt
In 2010.

The Sweet Water Foundation was founded by myself & Emmanuel Pratt
In 2010,

conceived as a social learning and production network,

for the democratization and globalization of aquaponics and urban agriculture.

SWF was a universe emergent from the Sweet Water Organics
Aquaponics Innovation Center Big Bang,

committed to turning wastes into resources and

exploring the value of digitally and science enhanced
“integral” urban agriculture

 for STEAM pedagogy,

 local and inclusionary economics,

and the co-creation of beloved communities in old city neighborhoods.

Within two years the SWF had helped about 20 schools and social enterprises launch
innovation hubs from the SWF center, with Emmanuel Pratt being appointed to
direct the Chicago State Aquaponics Center, and teaming up with Milwaukee SWF Director
Jesse Blom to win a $275,000 grant from the MacArthur Mozilla Foundations to develop a
badge based digital learning and credentialing program for global STEAM pedagogy around fish,
water, plants, and aquaponics systems.

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In 2014 the SWF was given control of a 2 acre city farm and foreclosed
home which has set the stage for the There Grows The Neighborhood Pilot Project of the
South Side Chicago Renaissance Grand Alliance. The farm has proven a resonant field
growing not only thousands of pounds of food harvested by neighbors and students from
all levels, but also growing multiform and global collaboration experiments in the Think Do “Integral Urban House”
and Lab.

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Emmanuel Pratt’s tupperware aquaponics demos and South Side experiments
expressed in photo exhibits have been featured in such galleries as the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, with projects underway for the Museum of Science and Industry and the Chicago Art Institute.

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This work is closely integrated with the Milwaukee division, headed up by Jesse Blom, teamed with Ben Koller’s Heart Haus experiment in Bay View. Jesse has a family sized aquaponics
system and lab in the basement, which he uses for training 10 MPS teachers for 5 installations
in area schools and experimenting with digital sensors provided by Kenyan Oakland based
roboticist agrarian Eric Maundu. Jesse and Ben have hosted countless gatherings that
feature food growing in the Heart Haus gardens and Jesse’s aquaponics
system, some of which include skype based conversations in the digital conferencing room with our partners across the world, including Shanghai’s David Li, Mumbai’s Subra Mukherjee, and Costa Rica’s Alex Pachecho.

Growing from our commitment to marry art and science, sacred and secular, local and global inclusive economics, we now have visions to replicating the Think Do Lab and Heart Haus models or memes in bronzeville urban settings and rural/small town Great Lakes Heartland places, summarized as integral
art science residencies in underused homes, buildings, and fields of possibilility.

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