Introducing Green Line Eco Tourism Concept, Spring 2014

Delight in the fun, beauty, and exercise that is yours for $1.10 on Milwaukee transits Green Line. Milwaukee eco tourism project will include a Green Line adventure to the delight of resident and visiting elder young relatives.

This crystallization inspired by Wall Graeber, a Madison centered ecopreneur advancing regional cooperation connecting Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. There will hopefully be internet and food production empowerment courses along stops punctuating Green Line adventures.

From Wally this morning:

Created in 30 mins after biking to campus today.

Same could be done for aquaponics system steps in schools, green line Tour De Milwaukee, empty lot for urban ag tours. Mainly physical steps in an overall process. Mapping the city with 10 second video clips stitched together to tell a regional story.

All possible. Where would you start?
Bike to UW:

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