Dear All,

I am devoting this space to an experimental project
Aimed at inspiring Jesuit educated people to invest
Financial, social, cultural, and spiritual capital
In the renaissance of Historic Milwaukee,
The reconciliation of the races and identity groups,
Sustainable development projects,
And back to city beautiful movement.

I am going to start with my classmates and hopefully
Those of Michael Koetting, one of the stars of the
Class of ‘64, mine being the class of ‘63.

Here is what I wrote Mike and the Boys from “the High,”
On the evening before I take, God willing, a Greyhound Bus
to St. Louis, to enjoy and honor Jim Wynne’s Mom,
Agusta Wynne, celebrate her 100th Birthday!

What a blessing “Gus” has been.

Hey Mike,

How about you help me win enough capital,
green, cultural, social, and spiritual,

To Milwaukee and Chicago,

From our buddies from “The High,”

As to make a mark in the reconciliation dramas

Of Milwaukee and Chicago.

Why not?


Here’s the start of my effort directed toward my class
To get them to invest and spend some money in Milwaukee,
Where many “Euro” Americans fear to spend time
Or conceive of investment opportunities.

Dear All,

Somehow the Jesuit experience
Affected me in unusual ways
That made my loving family
Wonder if they should have saved
Big Bucks and sent me to trade school.

Godsil now known as

“Olde” Godsil

Milwaukee “Old Guard” Finally Acknowledge Old Godsil and Oldest of the Young Godsils

So this past week the local media giant
Broke what has basically been a 10 year
Silence about my myriad projects in
Milwaukee the Beautiful.

This will make you smile.

This is about a miracle!

I hope to inspire some of you to buy summer time shares
At historic Pabst City,

In Milwaukee the Beautiful, to enjoy
Our sweet summer lake breezes,

And perhaps to become Urban Farmers
And City Fish Growers in your second careers.

May the wind be at our backs in 2006,


Milwaukee Beckons for Your Summer Exuberance and Enlightenment

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Dear All,

I suspect I could even arrange for some athletic competition
Between Marquette High of Milwaukee and
St. Louis U. High of St. Louis.

We can begin to fix up some of the buildings and/or grounds
of Milwaukee’s Soldiers Home

or Pabst City.

Milwaukee is paradise during the Summer months.

The traditional Milwaukeeans are warm and modest.

The new Milwaukeeans have lots of exuberance!

The architecture has not been ravaged by the contradictions of our history.

There are glorious bed and breakfasts to die for.

Bring your honey!

Bring your kids!

Escape St. Louis during the Summer of 2006!

I will make personally help you and yours learn of many wondrous secrets of Olde Milwaukee.

What say?

Why not?

If anyone would like to have brunch with me
This Sunday, I willl be in town for Jim Wynnne’s Mom, Augusta’s,
100th Birthday!

Hurray for “Gus!”

God love, God bless Gus and the Wynne Family.

What an inspiration!

Clear sailing,

Wind at our backs in 2006.


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