Here is the place in the “noosphere”
Where Tanya Cromartie Twaddle,
Black Sky Hoodmomma, can launch
The Premier Issue of

Hoodmomma Magazine.

When she clicks on the “edit” tab above,
A new page will appear for her
Thunderbolts, silk, and music divine,
Either directly typed in, or
Cut and pasted from wherever.

Then, she can scroll down a bit,
Type something in the “author” box,
Then click on “Save.”


It’s begun.

Some key rules:

  • left justify everything
  • to make something bold, surround the word or words

with three apostrophe marks found beneath the “ key

  • to create new page and category, surround the word or words with

two brackets on each side, e.g. [[

  • sit down with someone like me, Michael Pettit, Bill Sell, Tegan

Dowling, or James Carlson for 5 or 10 minutes of instruction.
I’m available most days if you tell me where to go.

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