If Milwaukee were a city state
Fighting for survival in a war,
We would arm our citizens
With the finest weapons we could make
With what we had.

Why don’t we arm our fellow citizens
With the most advanced internet access
We can possibly afford.

There are many students and retiring boomers
Who could have a good time at places like Bucketworks,
Giving of their internet skills,
And receiving a new universe and some money in return.

Internet competent students could get course credit.
Boomer internet mentors could get higher levels of training
Or other new culture exposures, e.g. yoga, African dance, etc.

I think an internet mentor is what an internet mentor does.

It’s like reading and writing mentors.

There are people who can barely read and need/want help.

There are people who read and write well but want to become writers.

I know many people who won’t learn to send e-mail or join a yahoo group because there is no one in their household who is a “good teacher for them.” Lot of times spouse or children are too impatient to do the job and person is weirded out asking someone from outside family.

But, my theory goes, to be able to spend 15 minutes or 30 minutes getting e-mail launched at Timbuktu, where there is music and interesting people, might be a different thing. Or Bucketworks’ “geek lab,” next to a playground for the mind. A $15 per hour mentor could get a person set up with e-mail account in l/2 hour? A $30 per hour wiki master or file maker pro wizzard can cover a lot of ground in an hour session.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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