For Monilola and Darragh, Kate and Rebecca, My Miracle Grandchildren

Let’s see what 100 over the fenxe exchanges in our virtual neighborhood called IIC.

Dear Professor Crenshaw,

The Sweet Water Foundation is advancing a national conversation on identity construction through the lens of race, class, and gender, beginning with this new book by Clairmont’s Africana Studies chair, Sheila Walker,


Our first partner will be Aljosie Aldrich Harding, a pollinator of the National Council of Elders, wife and collaborator of Dr. Vincent Harding, MLK’s friend and author of Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” April 4, 1967 speech delivered a year to the date of his assassination.

We hope you or one of your associates will consider being our second “partner” in this virtual neighborhood. And, upon your next Chicago visit, you will visit us at the community garden on the South Side

and join in a gathering discussing and celebrating identity construction at the Thought Barn.


James Godsil, Co-founder, Board President, Sweet Water Foundation

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