I hope someone will also be interested in
Establishing connections with the people
Who live in the most diverse neighborhoods
Of the Great Historic Cities of America,
North and South.

Here is my nomination for Chicago’s “most diverse neighborhood.”
Hyde Park is another neighborhood I will feature soon.

Here is a web site for Rogers Park, along with some prose from the home page.


For some it’s the abundance of beaches, for some it’s the great values in vintage apartments, for some it’s the diversity and culture that comes from its location between two universities. No one can say quite for sure what it is that makes Rogers Park uniquely Rogers Park.

Rogers Park is one of the most culturally and economically diverse neighborhoods in Chicago and the nation. Located in the far northeast corner of the city, more than 80 languages are spoken among the community’s 63,000 residents. In Rogers Park, people celebrate diversity and value harmonious living. Residents of differing incomes and ages live side-by-side and work together to build a community where everyone, can live, work and succeed. “In a city made famous for an accepted and often enforced cultural and socio-economic homogeneity within neighborhoods,” says the Chicago Tribune, “Rogers Park stands almost alone as an exception.”

Rogers Park History

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