Hey Patrick,

There is a “cultural universe” for you to create,
Along with, if you wish, your favorite friends.

How about you, Dominic, Ann, Peter, and Kevin
Make this a collaborative effort?

Or some other mixture of your friends.

Start out imagining that you now have a
Magazine within a magazine,
That is yours to create just as you see fit.


You can click “edit” on that page,
And install what you wish.

After you’ve done that you simply fill in the author box,
And then click on “save.”

Presto! Your magazine’s first edition!

If you don’t like it or want to add more,
Click the edit tab and start over.

There are more instructions at the bottom of the page.
There are also people eager to help you.

Is an “open source community.”

Walt Whitman can tell you a bit more about that at…


As an example of one way you could use this space, see
Bob Graf’s diary of a Growing Power experiment

One you’ve developed your Magazine inside
The Milwukee Renaissance.com,
We could also help you establish your own domain,
Independent of the Milwaukee Renaissance.

The society of bonobos definitely inform this effort,
Metaphorically speaking, of course.


What say?

Wind at your back in 2006,


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