Dear Teddy,

As I mentioned on the phone, there is a group inspired by and working with Will Allen to set up a major fish farm project at the KK River Village in Bay View, in an old industrial building once owned by Harnischfeger.

We hope to show this building and discuss this project with Rocky on Wednesday morning, December 31, 8:30 a.m., at the Wild Flower Bakery, on Lincoln and KK, to gather, and then on to the site.

The building is on an 8 acre old industrial site now owned by Green Developer Steve Lindner. Steve, Josh Fraundorf and myself are hoping to get a 70,000 gallon aquaculture project, modeled after Will Allen’s work at Growing power up and running this year.

We have been meeting at the Wild Flower Bakery with the following project supporters, advisers, and perhaps partners.

“Steve LIndner” <[email protected]>,

 “Josh Fraundorf” <[email protected]>,
 “Will Allen” <[email protected]>,

“Oliver Plunkett” <[email protected]>,
“Peter Yates Godfrey” <[email protected]>,
“Swedish, Michael J” <[email protected]>

Filmmaker Emmanuel Pratt, a Ph.D. candidate in architecture and urban planning at Columbia University, and Fred Binkowski of the Great Lakes Water Institute will also be in this project’ s “loop,” for starters.

“Emmanuel” <[email protected]>
“Fred Binkowski”<[email protected]>

As you know, I have been quite active with the Milwaukee Urban Agriculture Network, which will also be appraised of developments and invited to participate as the process unfolds.

I am also eager to work with Chef Reis of the MATC culinary school, in hopes to eventually selling the fish to chefs from his program throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

If Rocky cannot make that date, might there be some time in the first week or two of January when he might be available.


James J. Godsil

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