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TEA KRULOS is a 27 year old male resident of Riverwest. He has contributed illustrations and comics to “The Milwaukee Orbit,” “Nerve” magazine, milwaukeeworld.com, and the “Riverwest Currents” He acted as editor and founder of the “Riverwest Current’s” comics page for a year before turning over editing duties to fellow cartoonist Michael Coth. He also founded and edited five issues of “RIVERWURST,” an anthology comic featuring over two dozen Milwaukee artists as well as artists from around the world. His current project is the E.Kookamunga st. Annual, a zine collected comics he drew over the year 2004. His art has been displayed at Luckystar Gallery, Turner Hall, and the Academy of Unconventional Art. Contact Tea Krulos at [email protected] (414)264–5494 PO Box 511553/Milwaukee,WI 53203

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