Jeannie Holliday at Timbuktu

Timbuktu is now home to rhythm and blues!

On Thursday nights at 8 p.m.!

Jeannie Holliday

Jeanie Holliday is rocking Timbuktu!

Blues, soul, and old and new
“rhythm and blues.”

A hot hood Mamma born in Chicago!
A working man’s Tina Turner!

Born in Chicago, raised in Milwaukee, Jeannie started capturing audiences at the tender age of four, dancing and singing on the table tops to everyones surprise and delight. Everyone loved lil Jeannie-girl.

Her mother took her everywhere to sing, and sing lil Jeannie-girl did do! She sang from the myriad of church revivals, to Chicago, Florida, California, New York and even to beautiful cities in France and Italy.

Traveling the world to sing her heart to thousands of awe-struck fans, Jeannie has warmed up the audience with the likes of Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Shirley Brown, Millie Jackson and none other than blues great, B.B. King.

After all the excitement, Jeannie felt home is in Milwaukee where she can spend time with family and enjoy performing to some of the most sincere audiences in the nation.

Come check lil Jeanie, er Ms. Jeannie Holliday out soon. You wont regret it.

Night Time at Timbuktu

With two very deep guitarists



A Euro Chica drummer!
Caroline Seagull

And a Milwaukee sax diva
Lauren Mc Cray

Jeannie Holliday is hoping to sing
Every Thursday evening at Timbuktu
This Winter/Spring of 2006.

Good times!

Next Thursday

8 p.m. to about 11 or 12
Timbuktu on Center and Fratney

The Jeannie Holliday Story

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