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JERRY KAUFMAN-brief biography

Professor Emeritus, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Retired June 2003 after 31 years as Educator at the University of Wisconsin.

Selected Professional Honors: President, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (1991–93). Elected as first representative from the State of Wisconsin to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners (2000). Received the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Distinguished Service Award (1999). Received Outstanding Contribution to Planning Education and Research Award from the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association (2001).

Selected Community Outreach Activities: Madison Planning Commission member (1991–1993); Madison Urban League Board member (1977–1982); Madison Committee on Diversity (co-founder and co-chair, 1991–1995); Troy Drive Gardens Working Group member (1997–2000); Madison Area Community Land Trust Board member (1991–1995).

Selected International Travel: Lectured over the years at Universities and Conferences in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, England, Israel, Norway, Germany, China.

Author of 40 Journal Articles, 20 Book Chapters, and 20 monograph and report publications on variety of subjects including: planning thought and practice, the ethics of planning, planning issues facing older cities, planning education, strategic planning, alternative dispute resolution methods for planners, comparative planning traditions, and planning for the food system.

Selected Activities Relating to Community Food System Planning: Community Food Security Coalition Board member (1998); Growing Power, Milwaukee Board member (2001–2003) and Board President (2003-present); published several articles, reports and book chapters on linkages between planning and the food system, urban agriculture, the U.S. food system, and food policy in the U.S.; guest editor of the Journal of Planning Education and Research special issue on Planning for Community Food Systems (Summer 2004); co-organizer of the special track on Planning for the Food System at the 2005 and 2006 annual conferences of the American Planning Association; co-taught one of the first courses offered in a graduate planning school on community food system planning (2003); Madison Community Gardens Committee member (1997–2004); Dane County Food Council member (2005-).

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