Land Value Taxation

Land Value Taxation and Funding the Regional Transportation Authority

What we have done so far:

The July 24 Forum in Bay View

Reactions to the forum:

I think it’s valuable to re-examine these issues. They are very tough and complex. I especially like the Harrisburg example, to incentivize absentee owners to improve land to pay tax. Keep up the dialogue!

Thanks - how exciting that such a progressive idea was discussed in our neighborhood!

Excellent! Great story teller! Important! (and many kind verbal comments about the need for this work.)

Recommended tasks from the forum:

Go over Milwaukee tax bill and budget figures.


Suggested Strategies added July 26


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel added July 26

How One Email Started This How did we connect with Dave Wetzel and Jeff Smith?

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Land Value Taxation. LVT taxes only the value of the property not the improvements. Here’s a thumbnail sketch how Land Value Taxation works: The tax is shifted to the property, and away from the building, onto locations. Doing this it has motivated owners to use land more efficiently, infilling cities, reducing sprawl. That in turn puts uses closer together, which shortens travel distances; the density also provides more riders for mass transit. So you burn less fuel - good for both peak oil and global warming.

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