Hey Scott,

Great to meet a “legend in his own time!”

Creator of historic icon of the Riverwest Renaissance.

A fine young American whose brilliance and creativity is matched by his modesty.

Because I spent 30 years of hard and dangerous labor in often hideous climactic conditions, the above words cannot in the least be construed as blarney. I plied my “pariah trade,” and helped enoble it, i.e. from scorned roofers to elevated “restorionists,” so people could know my words of praise for the deserving were not self-serving. You can’t bull shit water and I am not bull-shitting when I say yours and the Fuel Cafe’s Story are worthy of a substantial chapter or book when the story of the Milwaukee Renaissance is told.

You and yours have done a lot to help us take the necessary steps to overcome the culture of fear that has infected my life. You are one of Jane Jacobs’(“Death and Life of Great American Cities”) most important Milwaukee heroes.

Clear sailing,


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