Knowledge, creativity, and an entrepreneurial sensibility seen as key factors
of Historic Milwaukee economic development. Innovation and creativity are the
stuff of success in the world market.

Economic development in information societies also requires a “commonwealth
consciousness” for the social tasks that are the foundation of civilization
and culture. Creative people expect to live in a city with a commitment to
serious work on pacifying the struggle for surival for all of God’s children.
There is not much room in a city in renaissance for egocentric aggrendizers and
high-handed leaders in any of the society’s sectors.

Milwaukee has immense resources to spark a renaissance in the historic city.
Historic Milwaukee’s rich tradition of theoretical, managerial, design, and
practical eduational traditions can be harnessed to our development projects.
There is a great amount of new wealth to be developed by mining our rich history:
our Progressive and Social Democratic Civic Culture; our marvelous architecture
and built environment; our active and internet connected civil society in the
emerging historic neighborhoods;

The Social Entrepreneur Project aims to help move Milwakee from a managerial
society to an entrepreneurial society.

Entrepreneurs have been the folk heroes of recent American history. Add the
commitment to the public interest and you have the aim of this project: developing
brilliant, focused, creative, and modest social entreprenuers to contribute
to a renaissance in our fair city.

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