Dear James and Tegan,

I would commit to a social enterprise experiment with the two of you that aims to create a Bucketworks Renaissance “Culture Products” Support Team that will spark and support the creation of on-line and hard-copy magazines, broadsheets, flyers, newspapers, and books, and perhaps other “culture creations” like Urban Anthropology’s Backstreet Tours, Cleo Pruitt’s and Sandy Faloron’s Save the Soldiers Home Events, Omar Gagale’s and Youssouf Komara’s Timbuktu, Lula Gagale’s Lula’s East African Cafe, James S. Carlson and Tegan Dowling’s Wiki Workshops and Distant Learning, and so forth.

I would begin by recruiting artists and knowledge workers to plant a garden at the Milwaukee Renaissance site, along with writers, activists, entrepreneurs, scholars, bohemians, and other renaissance heroes.

You two would cull from what this gang of 10,000 renaissance players creates what is worth putting into expressions of beauty and order and presentation to various markets.

We would aim to create pay as you go participation of creators and audience.

We would imagine that we were each captains of boats that catch good fish on our own but can catch beautiful welcoming whales when we team up with exuberant souls.

When you combine our energies to capture whales or smaller fish we develop some formula for sharing in the catch rooted in epigenetic rules like the Golden Rule, the Golden Mean, the Emerald Modesty, and the Ruby Passion.

From each according to their ability, to each according to their contribution, for starters.

With wiki it will be so much easier to thoughtfully converse about how to divide the wonderful bounty accruing from our collective efforts. I have noticed humans through the ages wasting all kinds of time because all they had was words, memories, and paper to help sort out nuanced questions of equity. With Wiki we can approach those once thorny issues as if they were magic drums, tasty food, divine music, and ecstatic dance.

I would like to divy up our first catch after a drum circle and dinner at Timbuktu.

I would also like to work with you both to spark and support the creation of oases of deep fun and rich friendship drawing upon the glory, not just of Timbuktu, but also Rome, Tokyo, Paris, Beijing, London, Santiago, Dublin, Cairo, and so forth.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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