Feb. 22, 2006

Dear Sarah and Jane,

Toronto is the “right” brain of the Great Lakes.
Milwaukee hopes to become the “left” brain.

Here is a Son of Milwaukee’s East Side and Riverwest,
Who inspires the notion that some of our
Old city neighborhoods,
Are seed beds for planetary citizens.

June Eastvold said “Milwaukee needs puppeteers!
Milwaukee needs street performers and mimes!”


Here is who the universe brought
In response to June’s vision.

A “Milwaukee indiginous,
Ethnically ambiguous,
World citizen,
And authentic American patriot,”

Michael Pettit.

Here is Olde’s introduction of Michael
To the wider world.

Dear All,

I am honored and happy to introduce you
To the outstanding artist/artisan work
Of a Son of Milwaukee’s East Side,
Michael Pettit.


Michael is helping me prepare my
Sweet worker house at 325 E. Euclid
For sale sometime before my 61st birthday
This June 18.

I will be able to prepare my house
With Michael’s help,
And make it market worthy.

I have also known Michael Pettit
In his capacity as Max Samson’s
Mask and Puppet Theatre
Lead puppet design/build artist.


Michael also works as a carpenter and
Remodeling finisher, e.g. paint, plaster,
Varnish, stain. He is the sole

He is the featured artist/artisan of today’s


I am happy to help you make introductions
And brainstorm with Michael Pettit around
Projects you might wish to develop with him.

Wind at our backs in 2006,


Feb. 26, 2006

Internet Power for “Free Agent Nation” of Milwaukee the Beautiful

Dear All,

The “power of the internet”
In service to small businesses,
Social enterprises, and
The “movements of our times,”
Is becoming more and more apparent,
Even to an obtuse delusional
Like I sometimes find myself.

This past few days
The puppeteer, carpenter, & designer

 Michael Pettit

Has received a wondrous response
From a half-days work,
That went into the creation
Of an on-line location
That describes his work



And about 30 minutes of “broadcasting”
The good news about Michael,
To a couple of thousand members
Of Milwaukee’s “social mind on line.”

These concepts and/or invitations came back to Michael:

  • Puppet Theatre at Lakefront, including offers of support

from people with considerable “green,” “social,” and “cultural” capital

  • Invite to Speak with Teachers at Milwaukee School of the Arts

  • Invite to Speak with Director of the Eastside Business District

about Puppets at some of their events

  • Invite to brainstorm with founder an important Milwaukee theatre group

  • Invite to bid on a carpentry project that includes edge of history design concepts

  • Invite to bid on floor sanding project

  • 257 “hits” on his location at


Anyone who would wish an on-line brainstorm
Or a meeting at Svens
About harnessing this resource to a
Worthy small business, social enterprise, or “movement,”
Let me know.

Clear sailing,


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