Hey Michael,

Will Allen of Growing Power has just won a $150,000 Ford Foundation leadership award for his pioneering work in organic, worm based, year round, high yield city farming.



Erik LIndberg, drop out Ph.D. turned successful restoration architect with a team of about 6 or 7, wants to develop Growing Power Demonstration projects that would combine state of the art “small is beautiful” habitats with city farming experiments.

Tom Schmitt, founder of Accessibility Warriors yahoo group, has recently been separated from his wife of 25 years and is interested in exploring his becoming a major domus of a “Guild House” that offered live work teach market space to artist/artisan/knowledge workers, and made a mark with accessible design, small is beautiful design, and city farm experiments.

My daughter Bridie is to be 18 in 3 months, freeing me up from ownership of larger home. I am thinking of using this moment to create for myself, along with others, very small space living experiments in “urban village hamlets” that I would co-create with partners like Will Allen, Erik Lindberg, and Tom Schmitt, and ???

In my fantasy, our first project would be on the 2900 block of Weil, one block west of Humboldt and one block north of Locust. I think this is to be a block that will immensely profit from Alterra’s expansion into a huge ex-factory they will transform into something that will attract people from the all over to Riverwest. Also in the immediate area is a state of the art factory owned by Dana Cable that has pioneered in containers for plants and flowers used for airborne transporting, e.g. Growing Systems. Klinger’s East on corner of Locust and Weil has just done a huge expansion. Farmers Market thriving a block west on Locust and Bremen. Mario Constantini has done wonders with a furniture making plant a couple of blocks north. Busolochi has created some loft condos where a factory once stood in same area of Mario’s plant. The Milwaukee River and Forest is becoming more beautiful with each passing year. Public transit is close by.

The area is perfect for something like this.

A “small city habitat” to call your own in a renaissant Riverwest!

If this works, a replication on another block about to “tip” forward, and then another. Eventually, the theory goes, standard operating procedures and trust would emerge from these “developer communities” and we might find our group capable to taking on larger and larger projects, perhaps helping out with the Save the Soldiers Home, Save Pabst City, Save Boy’s Tech “movements.”

What say?

Why not?

Clear sailing,

Thanks for asking,


February 26, 2006

Hey Andy,

When I speak of “investors,”
I am referring to different kinds,
Reflecting different kinds of “capital.”

It is my belief that there is soon to be
A huge number of “downsizing boomers,”
Who, like myself, would be up to moving from
Full-sized homes to pieces of buildings,
Smaller for some, larger for others.

It is also my belief that certain old city neighborhoods,
Like the area just to the west of 6th St.,
Just to the south of National Ave.,
Are destined to become “Little Brooklyns.”

This means that your simply knowing of my experiment
And letting a friend who might resonate with it,
Is becoming something of an “investor,” or,
Nanosecond partner, if its information they pass along
To where it matters.

Many people are chained to draining jobs
To keep health insurance and
Homes much larger and expensive to keep up,
Than they might need,
If they knew there were alternatives
Much cheaper and perhaps
More interesting.

Thanks for your attention!

Your work for NORML will always make you
One of my heroes!

Olde Godsile

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