Feb. 15, 2006

John Worm <[email protected]>, [email protected]

Cc: [email protected]

El Barrio House


Hey John,

Would it be possible for Bridie, Sofia, and myself to meet with you sometime and talk about this?


Feb. 25, 2006

Did I mention to you that I am taking steps toward becoming a “Little Brooklyn Co-Creator” in the neighborhood around 6th and National? I am pulling together artisans to transform duplexes into “fourfolds,” large apartments turned into studios, and the attic converted. I am also inviting investors tired of the stock market and curious about “real property” investment.

The transformations will draw upon “small is beautiful design principles,” architectural art exterior expressions, and, to a certain extent, depending upon the partners assembled, energy innovations as exciting to imagine as Sarah Hall’s photovoltaic art glass skylights.

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