November, 2005

Dear Serge,

The NYT has a list of top 100 books for 2005,
Among them “My Inner Ape.”

Can’t remember the author but I read 30 pages
At Schwartz’ on Downer today.

Great stuff!

We have been mammals for 180,000,000 years.

We split from ancestor we, the bonobos, and the chimpanzees share,
About 60,000,000 years ago.

Bonobos are not aggressive, territorial, or hierarchical, like the chimpanzees.

Bonobos are gentle, loving, erotic, and empathetic.

Quite likely that our shared ancestor was as much or more Bonobo-like than Chimp-like.

Ours not a Hobbesian lineage so much as a cooperative one of mutual aid.

Past 10 to 20,000 years are organized violence
Could be part of a division of labor rooted in agriculture and industrial ages
Now past.

Perhaps we’ll become more like the bonobos,
Know that knowledge is the key to power.

Einstein was a bonobo.
Bush a chimpanzee.


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