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Letters to Anthropology Friends and Partners

The Lindisfarne Association at the Soldiers Home

Among the co-creations of the lifelong work
Of William Irwin Thompson,
One of the most gifted sons of
The Great Midwest and
The Great Lakes Cultures,

William Irwin Thompson was born in 1938 in Chicago Illinois, the son of Irish-American parents, a Roman Catholic mother, Lillian Fahey Thompson, a native of Chicago, and a Presbyterian father, Chester Andrew Thompson, born on a farm in Indiana.

Is the

Lindisfarne Association


“A kind of counter-cultural think-tank, an international community of scholars, students and artists named after an Irish monastery that existed off the coast of England in the seventh century as a bastion against the coming Dark Ages, The Lindisfarne Association has, over almost three decades of imaginative work and interdisciplinary networking, brought together such individuals.”


Would it not be a good thing to invite
Fine “planetary citizens” from the
Lindsfarne Association,
To spend some time with us this summer
At Lula’s and Tanya’s African Village
At Summerfest?

Why not the St. Patrick’s Day All City Gathering
At Timbuktu in Riverwest, while we’re at it?

Would it not also be a good thing
To explore the culture of the emerging
Planetary citizens
With the support of the most fruitful concepts
From the discipline of anthropology?

Here are the members of this worthy assocation
We hope to find join us, as well, at
The Soldiers Home, 21st Century,
Starting with the “Rebirth of Freedom” Celebration,
Followed by a journey to co-creating
Planetary Citizens or at least
Great Lakes Citizens.

Some new methaphors for new identities and
Generational Historic Projects supported by a
Collage of Noospheres.

Ralph Abraham, Mathematician

Richard Baker-roshi, Director, Crestone Mountain Zen Center

Christopher Bamford, Author and Publisher?

Lois Cammack Bateson, Psychotherapist?

Mary Catherine Bateson?

Wendell Berry, Poet and Farmer?

Stewart Brand, Author and Publisher?

Keith Critchlow, Art Historian?

Richard Falk, Prof of International Law?

Hazel Henderson, Author and Economist?

Wes Jackson, Botanist?

Stuart Kauffman, Biologist?

James Lovelock, Chemist?

Amory Lovins, Physicist?

Lynn Margulis, Prof of Biology?

Robert McDermott, Author, President, California Institute of Integral Studies?

Michael Murphy, Author and Founder of Esalen Institute?

Elaine Pagels, Prof of Religion?

Kathleen Raine, Poet and Editor?

Russell Schweickart, Astronaut and Scientific Consultant?

Gary Snyder, Poet?

Paolo Soleri, Architect?

David Spangler, Author?

Brother David Steindl-Rast, Author, and Benedictine Monk?

Robert Thurman, Professor of Religion?

John Todd, Co-Founder of New Alchemy and Ocean Arks, Falmouth Massachusetts?

Sim Van der Ryn, Architect?

Francisco Varela, Neuroscientist?

Paul Winter, Musician?

Arthur Zajonc, physicist?

E.F. Schumacher, economist?

Gregory Bateson, anthropologist?

Nancy Wilson Ross, writer, Buddhist?

Lindisfarne Press

The Anthroposophical Press?

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