Why don’t we aim at having the Growing Power Demonstration Project Partners aspire to buy or lease the houses where Milwaukee’s foremost civil rights leaders raised their families:

	*Llyd Barbee House on Meinecke a couple blocks east of MLK

	*Henry Meier House sold to Val Phillips, Booth, few hosues south of North Ave.

We could combine Growing Power Garden, with Civil Rights Museum, with Internet Empowerment for both.


Next time you talk with Will,

If the spirit moves you,

Pass along my interest in

partnering with

  • Growing Power
  • Bucketworks
  • Small School Movement
  • Malcolm X Academy
  • Riverwest Food Co-op
  • Alterra Coffee
  • Beans and Barley
  • Outpost Natural Foods
  • Urban Anthropology

for a Growing Power Demonstration Project in Harambee.

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