• To preserve existing food growing space in, and close to, the city and make it harder to change its land use.

  • That any new build incorporates food growing, and that any green space built on is relocated on top of the new buildings incorporating food growing.

  • That underused existing communal green space e.g. parkland, housing estates, is used for food growing.

  • That matchmaking between interested growers, and owners of underused private gardens/derelict land is encouraged.

  • Where trees and shrubs are planted in communal areas, such as parks or pathways, these should be nut/fruit-bearing or edible.

  • That food waste is directed towards such food growing schemes and adequate infrastructure is developed on these sites to take the citys food waste

  • That a single entity is created and promoted from which to signpost people to the most appropriate food growing schemes and relevant training and advice for a particular area.

  • That training is made available to all on how to grow their own food and that trainees have access to land as part of this training.

  • That economically viable channels of distribution are set up for excess local produce to reach wider market
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