Willie Smits’ Agroforestry Model And Sweet Water Miniatures

Might we fix our eyes on the prize of integrating Sweet Water Miniatures into this breathtaking experiment in”agroforestry” by Willie Smits, who I and Dr. Gay Reinartz met with yesterday(October 16, 2010) in Chicago, thanks to Janet Ginsberg, and took a first step toward integrating our methodologies, both in rainforest enterprise,
but also in our academic “inroads” in organic engineering systems. Willie is very
much aware of aquaponics and has friends doing advanced research on the bio-filtration piece of the puzzle.

Also at the meeting at the Wishbone Restaurant on Lincoln was Ann Marie Healy, who is co-author of a book that will offer much help for our 21st century challanges, “Resilience: The Science of Why Things Bounce Back.” Pop Tech’s Andrew Zollie is Ann Marie ‘s co-author in this important project. Google “resilience Stockholm” to get a taste of the feast to come and check out www.poptech.org.

Check out Willie Smits’ inspiring Ted Lecture!


Milwaukee School of Engineering(MSOE) Will Likely Blaze Trails in New Disciplines of Organic Engineering and Urban Agriculture Architecture

Sweet Water Organics and the Sweet Water Foundation is working very closely with MSOE professors Michael Carriere, Mathew Trussoni, Jeong Woo, and Michael McGeen to advance the marriage of engineers, biologists, and urban agriculture and aquaponics projects. Twenty five of their students are doing their senior project on the Sweet Water Village vision. Four are working on aquaponic miniatures. They are open to
collaborating with professors and students of other schools, in Milwaukee and beyond our borders, to advance these 21st century disciplines and projects. This reminds me
of how Wisconsin became one of the world’s leaders in agricultural machinery and the dairy industry at the dawn of the 20th century.

“Carriere, Michael” <[email protected]>, “Trussoni, Matthew J.” <[email protected]>, [email protected], “Woo, Jeong H.” <[email protected]>, “Mcgeen, Michael J.” <[email protected]>

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