Godsil. It is my understanding that you are one of the Milwaukee organizers of the Slow Foods project and a policy group looking into ways of making laws supportive of urban agriculture. Might you share some of the story as to how it happened that you are one of the main Milwaukee organizers of these two projects?

Davis Kipcak. Yes, I am involved with Slow Food Wisconsin Southeast, a community formed five years ago as a part of the international Slow Food movement. I was not a part of the founding group although I was an early member of the organization. Slow Food is known as an eco-gastronomic movement, which is a fancy way of saying that it is a collection of individuals concerned about good, clean and fair food, those who produce, gather and grow our food, those who prepare it, and those who eat it. Slow Food is particularly concerned with preserving biodiversity in our food as well as preserving our culinary traditions. And a steady promotion of the pleasures of the table.

The Milwaukee Food Council is separate, yet related, to Slow Food’s initiatives. The purpose of the Milwaukee Food Council is to bring together a group of concerned individuals from public, private, and non-profit worlds to intentionally examine policy that effects our food system. We invest departments of Transportation, Sanitation, Health, Planning, Waste Management, etc. with the power to make good decisions for our society to function well. As the extent of our broken food system becomes increasingly evident (rising hunger, too many food insecure households, growing health complications from poor food choices, environmental impacts of the food industry, you get the idea . . .), it makes good sense that a diverse group of stakeholders are paying attention to our food needs. We are still in the working stages of the group, scratching our heads and trying to figure out what would best serve Milwaukee’s food community. No answers yet. Lots of good questions.

I hope that answers your questions, Godsil. Thanks for asking!

Godsil.What does it mean to be concerned with “biodiversity in our food” and why is this important?


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