Milwaukee Convention 2020

Evolutionary Democratic Republican Liberrtarian Independent and Green Networks

The network is the organizational form of the 21st centiry.

Barry Slagle’s List of Things To Do For This Worthy Cause

  • Put together a PowerPoint? that lists the spots, including beaches, that are the gems

  • Use of Mayors Office?

  • Create a Committee to contact each State Delegation? using PowerPoint to offer organized tours

  • Use that same Committee to educate the Hotel Management? Housing Delegates for referrals to places including restaurants near each gem.

  • Then leave info with each restaurant to refer to other places

  • Contact each Wisconsin delegate with all of the above.

  • Identify all Presidential candidates to help them plan visits to our Urban locations and inform media about plans

  • Obtain a list of all media representatives? of each platform, radio, TV, newspapers etc for many purposes of dissemination of information

  • Have a distinct platform social media maybe Web site? so everything can be accessible to groups and individuals

And the list can grow

Barry Slagle

Backstreet Milwaukee Showcased

Milwaukee Music Groups To Introduce

FB posts:

  • Any of my fb friends wish to offer Democratic convention guest a room at their house or apartment for $100 a night or ??

  • Our Milwaukee: A Grass Roots Film for DNC 2020

  • Do any of my fb friends have ideas about getting major media persons or Democratic candidates to Riverwest, Walnut Way, Amaranth, Journey House, UEC. Outpost, Colectivo, Lake Front, MLK, the Soldiers Home, and other Milwaukee grass roots treasures?

  • Were I to have the attention of 5 fine reporters/writers from across the land and beyond the waters, competent to craft stories about Milwaukee grass roots innovations worthy of consideration…

  • Re Imagining Milwaukee For 2020

I would hope they be given tours of the rebirth of the Milwaukee River Valley, Walnut Way, Outpost, Amaranth Bakery and Muneer’s Work Studio, the Soldiers Home, the Jean of Arc Chappel and Basilica, the Urban Ecology Center, site of the Bay View Massacre, the Black Holocaust Museum, Water Tower Psrk, Riverwest Coop and Cafe

  • Milwaukee Party Conventions 2020: Backstreet New City Frontiers. March 31, 2019

Am deeply grateful for Michael W. Pettit and Arijit Sen for introducing me to Brain Rott /Ensemble and the Quasimondo Physical Theater miracle on 35th. Rainbowing Milwaukee! Their performance art at the Grohman Museum and hopefully Center Street and bubbler bike tours to the Quasimondo Arthaus would re-vision Milwaukee in the “nation’s mind.”


  • ​Poetry Readings w/for Democratic Grass Roots Activists Woodland Pattern

​Help the Dems awaken to our progressive heritage and current visionary works and experiments

$100 or ?? per night for room at grass roots Milwaukee home

  • Grohman Gatherings and Bubbler Bike Tours?

De La Buena, Howard Lewis, Express Yourself, Soap Box Moments, Peace Post Ceremony at the Grohman Mke 2020 and Bubbler Bike Tours!

For starters.

Tour Guided Bubbler Bike trips to Destinations and Performance Art Places

  • Center Street
  • MLK
  • Lisbon
  • National
  • Menomonee and Milwaukee River Valleys
  • Lake Front
  • Soldiers Home

For example

Wisconsin Democratic Party

Visions and Mission

Mind Sharing in Distributed Cognitive Networks of the Noosphere

Human evolution is marked by the emergence of a special kind of socialcognitive process, unique to hominids: distributed cognition, performed in mind-sharing cultures. Human social groups are more cognitively complex than others, but, at the time of our emergence as a species, human social groups were not necessarily larger in population than their predecessors. The increased complexity of their cognitive system was inherent, not so much in group size, but in the nature of the cooperative, interactive social cognitive processes that apparently characterized species Homo from the outset

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