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Naomi’s Journey for Peace: Israel

yo mi familia y amigos!
shalom mishpacha vi chaverim!

it is now time for me to begin life after high school. college? pshh that can wait. Im entering a whole new world. a different culture with tasty food.
The exploration of my roots.
only, those roots have been mangled and desecrated with a mixture of hate and love eminating from around the entire world.
i want to absorb this lands beauty, history, and art in its ancient deep folds of mystery. perhaps aid its progress of peace through direct action? well see about that one.
Young Judaeas Year Course is the program i chose to experience this. WHY SO CONSERVATIVE YOU MAY ASK? hmm. good question. beats me.
I was raised in this Zionist Youth Movement. it is what i am most comfortable with (aside from some of the ignorance included.) I will learn most through talking with people unlike myself. but honestly, im completely afraid of the blind Americans and Israelis i will come across.

This Blog will update you of my quest. please read, comment, and tell anyone you know about whats really going on in Israel and Palestine. most people are unaware of the truth because the mainstream media clouds our minds with lies.
trust my writing.

Something about me:
+I am a Reconstructionist Jew. This means I am deeply connected to my culture, but feel that progressive change is necessary in todays time.
+I call myself a radical activist because I feel that, in knowing my immediate history, its the only label I can ethically fall under.
+I am a middle child and love my two sisters Ilana and Rachel dearly. They happen to be my best friends as well.
+Ilana was born in Israel while my parents lived there for 5 years. They moved to Milwaukee while my mama was quite pregnant with me.
+My Zaide, Philip E. Lerman, was a well known social justice activist in Milwaukee. sweet fact: he smuggled weapons for the Hagana before 1948, and was a communist for 3 months during the red scare.
+My other Grampa, Jack Marcus, survived several death and labor camps during the Holocaust. He is the reason I am going to Israel (and Poland) this year. His story impacts me greatly in life.
+Art is a huge part of my family on both sides.
+I experienced Camp Everytown which changed at how I look at life. Attending a private Jewish school for ten years and then being immersed into a diverse and safe community for a week cleared my vision. It showed me societys weakest points, as well as how to combat the isms. www.everytown.org
+I was involved in The Other America Tour for 3 years and dedicated hours of my weekends to training and learning to facilitate my peers in issues that matter to them and myself. Racism, Classism, Heterosexism, Sexism, National Ideology, Ageism, and Ableism all were heavily discussed in workshops during the Other America Tour
+Urban Underground is a youth group for young people living in the City Of Milwaukee who are against racial profiling, police brutality, excessive incarceration, and other topics concerning people of color especially. U2 brings forth true leaders.
+I am vegan, and have been for 3 years. I dont consider this a large aspect of my passion, but I just cant quit eating so deliciously! Animals are cute, but so are my insides.
+I love talking to strangers. I think most people know that about me, but I make an effort to learn as much as I can from people. Everyone has their own unique story.
+MUSIC. I have played guitar for 11 years, starting with classical and working my way up to Jazz. Now I like picking up random instruments such as mandolin, dulcimer, tin whistle, harmonica, bass, djembe, a little piano, and Hopefuly the Ude while in Israel. I just graduated from The Milwaukee High School of the Arts majoring in Jazz guitar. I cant help diggin the sounds.
+I am pro-life. YEP THATS CORRECT. I am pro-choice also. Women need to have the ability to make their own choices. By saying I am pro-life, Im only making a statement on word choice. (think about it)
+Politically, I have gone from democrat, to socialist, to anarchist, to communist, to liberal progressive, then back to anarchist, and then to.. hm. i guess i just cant seem to find a label fit for me. Every time i learn something about another radical group, its like my mind is too darn open. Im an undecided mix!
+I love stimulating discussions.
+I am probably the most spontaneous, crazy person you wouldnt expect to meet. My friends are nothing like me. But right off the bat I am a tad shy.
+Im also extremely detailed, so I think it might be time to end this autobiography.

with Passion,
Naomi Rae Rose.

[email protected]

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