Is it possible to imagine a movement that inspires the people to feel more blessed and bright wearing shoes they take for repair over and over and over again. Can comfortable old shoes ever equal brand new shoes for their inspirational value and comfort for the wearer? Can the repair of shoes become an art form in the eyes of the people and the New Cobblers.

Wanda Scruggs, Master Cobbler,
Scruggs & Sons

Wanda learned the cobbler’s trade from her Father, who opened High Power Shoe Shine at 2552 N. 3rd St. soon after arriving from Detroit in 1955. Mr. Scruggs worked at the Hudson Motor Co. before they merged with American Motors. High Power Shoe Shine repaired whoes, but also sold records, candy, cigarettes and other incidentals.

Wanda’s daughter Frances Le Brone and her grandson Rio Washington help Wanda in the family business.

Crown Hardware’s hardware guru “Morry” instantly gave me Wanda’s name when I asked for his advice regarding the finest shoe repair artisan in Old Milwaukee. Other people have since told me that Wanda is a key person in the increasingly significant leadership circles among Milwaukee’s African American communities.

Seeking Perfect Old Shoes
from Wanda Scruggs

  • Wanda’s shop is located at 3570 N. Teutonia

  • Call 447 9236 for information and open hours.

If enough people are interested I might be up for deliveries from the Riverwest Co-Op to Wanda’s shop, as well as creating a photo album of lovely old shoes. — Olde Godsile

Sacred Old Shoe Stories

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