Interview With White Collar, Blue Collar, Green Collar Identity Construction Experimenters

Alex Montezon, CEO Community Building and Restoration

I can’t remember if I told you the second book I was going to introduce to the SWA or CGN identity construction conversation was…

I would like to promote this “social learning network” with answers to questions like these posed to people of great literacy who have chosen to “work with their hands.”

Identity Construction Conversations: The Status Of The Trades

Question. When I left the world of academics in 1974 most of my family and friends were astonished that I “would waste” my find mind and social credentials to work on roofs!

What!!!!??? they said.

When you chose to become a restoration artisans did any of your family or friends disapprove to you?

Montezon. For me it was my decision to not pursue college that I think was most judged. And I still largely feel that that judgment was somewhat justified, but I think everyone including myself and my family understands retrospectively that the path I chose was largely the right one for me.

As time goes on and more and more people are shackled with student debt that they find themselves unable to repay, and more and more job posts are 12/hr starting, must have college degree, and the shortage of people with trade experience grows, I think there is beginning to be more acceptance.

For me, I was always drawn to tangible work, and I always desired a certain self sufficiency that comes with the knowledge of how to build and grow and harvest and work with ones hands. I have since learned that no man stands alone, and while I never desired to stand alone, I wished to have the ability to if necessary.

It is sort of funny and ironic to evaluate my own life transpiring; I find myself doing the very shit that I hated in high school, in order to be a better person and a better business owner. I find myself missing the tangible work element at this point. In a few years I intend to lay out my time in a way that is more enjoyable and fulfilling to me in a more balanced way.

Multi Using My Bench of 1,000 Names

The World of Wood is part of a series Emmanuel Pratt inspired called

Wood Water Woke

To be continued

Indispensable prop and tool for your various performance arts and enterprise experiments

Making them and using them is good for your mental and physical health

Teaches Us How To Drill and Fasten

Fits In A Car

Strong and Comfortable

Workbench and play bench

Infinite do-it-yourself refinements

You can teach your friends to make them

Might even make and sell them to your family and friends for some pocket money or more

We’ll help

Somos una universidad, granja, taller, gora … y un Tulpa de la Madre Tierra.

An Outline

Table of Contents

l. Visions

2. Theories

3. Experiments

4. Feedback Loops

5. Partnerships

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Seeding An Old City Rainbow Restoration Guild in Lexington, Chicago, and Milwaukee

Dear Professor,

I hope you will join in a conversation advancing collaboration experiments with engaged professors, urban agrarians, restoration artisans, and artists, connecting the South Side of Chicago, North Sides of Milwaukee and Lexington.

Diverse Restoration “Guild” of Roofers, Carpenters, and Urban Farmers

“Wastes to resources” is the motto of the Sweet Water Foundation I, Josh Fraundorf, and Emmanuel Pratt co-founded in 2010.

Our old city housing stock, empty lots, and young and old lifetime learners are resources we hope to harvest with you and yours.

The Greenhouse Is A Carpentry Workshop

This 2 minute film which features our “partner” Danny Glover provides evidence of the possibilities of our hoped for collaboration with you and yours.

Executive Director Emmanuel Pratt Is A Harvard GSD Leob Fellow

Board President James Godsil Is a Fulbright Scholar & Restoration Roofer

Godsil Was a Nanosecond Body Guard for MLK Chicago 1966

Josh Fraundorf’s Restoration Firm Envisions
Adding African American Artisans to German
And Hispanic Custom Shops

Why not?

We are not afraid.
We shall overcome.

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First Outreach Notes Summer 2017

African American and Africana Studies Professors University of Kentucky

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