Milwaukee’s part in the Global Day of Protest on the 4th Anniversary of the War

The word went out:

Peace Rally & March, Sat., March 17, 2007 noon

ODonnell Park Plaza East End of Wisconsin Ave. (orange sunburst)
Short Rally followed by March to Senator Kohls Office- 3rd St. and Wisconsin Ave.

  • Bring the Troops Home Now!
  • Defund the War!
  • No US Attack on Iran!
  • Restore Veterans Benefits!
  • Stop the War on all Immigrants!

Peace Action/Milwaukee Coalition for a Just Peace needs volunteers to help at the rally. Please call them at 414–964–5158 to see how you can help.

Bob Graf was among those who attended. In the day’s post to his “Diary of a Worm” (which is primarily about his Growing Power Home Garden), he wrote

I felt very sad on this fourth anniversary of the beginning of this tragic war. This war has brought more death, torture and violence to Iraq than did the dictator Saddam. One of the Iraq war veterans who spoke said how we lost the war before it started by devaluing the lives of Iraqi people. We do not even do a body county of Iraqi persons, but estimates are that over 600 thousand Iraq civilians have been killed. When he refused to drive his truck over children that were in the road he was disciplined. For him and many more persons all over, every human life is valuable, especially the lives of the innocent. These events today saddened me and I have no more words to express my deep sorrow but I must go and march with the people that are saying no the war.

I covered up the horror I felt inside by keeping myself busy taking pictures and meeting so many old friends along the way of the march. I met one man I knew from the 60s. He was dressed in his World War II military uniform. He was active in the peace movement in 1968 and raised the money to bail us out of jail after the Milwaukee 14 action. I took his picture in his uniform and will feature it on the Milwaukee 14 Today site tomorrow. The rally and march was a turning point in my day. The sun was out and although we were protesting death and destruction, there was an air of hope.

Here are some of the pictures Bob took. Add more if you have some.

Signs of Hope

John Gillman
Veteran Peacemaker

Congresswoman Moore
addresses rally

Veteran Marchers

The Rally

George Martin
addresses rally

The Sign

Enough is Enough

Iraqi Veteran Speaks Out

The sign of the times

Young and Old

Bill Sell
Sentry of Peace

We all need peace

What we want

Attach:PeaceRally032007dies.jpg Δ | caption

Veterans for Peace

Coffins in front of
Federal Building

Our Flag

Drums for Peace

Immigration & War

The March

Beat of the March

Shout for Peace

Self Portrait with hat
worn by Bob at Peace Rally
green for St. Pat’s;
Bucks hat, a losing basketball team,
owned by Senator Kohl;
dirt on hat from GP garden

Attach:PeaceRally032007ten.jpg Δ | caption

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