Dear All,

I would like to create a photo essay of Milwaukee places
That found all of God’s children having good times together
In Milwaukee on St. Patrick’s Day and Night.

And Great Lakes Cities, from Toronto to Deluth, as well!

Here are some pictures from this Friday’s 2006 event at Timbuktu.

If anyone has photos of other places where a good time was had by all,
Please send them my way for inclusion in an on-line scrap book
Aiming to present movements toward inclusive cultural celebrations
In Milwaukee the Beautiful and the emerging Great Lakes Culture.

Here’s what Piux High School student Patrick Schley had to say about
St. Patrick’s Day All City Gathering at Timbuktu in Milwaukee.

What a glorious event! I was proud to be invited to participate and equally proud to be a citizen of Milwaukee. It was a conclave of all that is good in our fair city for those few hours at Timbuktu, there was no black, white, gay, straight, rich, poor just PEOPLE, celebrating the accomplishments of the past year, and looking with hope towards the future. Bravo!!

What say?

Why not?


P.S. If anyone has any friends in any other Great Lakes cities,
From Toronto, to Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Racine,
And so forth, all the way up to Deluth, please forward this to them.
We are creating a scrap book on the theme that a new culture
Is germinating in the Great Cities of the Great Lakes.
We’re interested in exploring the notion of a
New Culture of the Middle Way, growing in the
Great City Cultures of the Great Lakes.

This new culture finds Great Lakes citizens,
Swallowing ancestral rage and focusing on what unites us,
As we face the Taliban Americans and the Taliban Arabs,
Both in catastrophic violations of the Golden Mean and the Golden Rule.

The emerging Great Lakes Culture is even open to
Sustainable Development concepts from “Old Europe,”
In places like the Center for Alternative Technology.

City Farms

Edible Schoolyards

“Little Brooklyn Urban Villages Where Small Design Solutions and Internet Empowered Culture Workers Multiply”

Beloved Communities

Inclusive Culture Celebrations Flavor the Yearly Rounds

Making Some History at the Dawn of a Great Lakes Renaissance

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