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Read about Sarah Hall’s
August, 2006 presentation in Milwaukee

Sarah Hall’s Photovoltaic Art Glass

(quotes from Sarah’s web site)

Through an integration of art glass, light and photovoltaic we breathe new life into a building. By forging an image with a source of energy we create a powerful story about how we can live in this world: it gives us a chance to dream about who we can be.”

Incorporating colour, light and art and with solar energy inspires us to think about our future in a new context.

The integration of photovoltaic elements into architectural art glass is a recent development in my work. The solar cells are embedded between two panes of glass which have exceptionally high light transmittance and which have been heat-strengthened. The geometric arrangement and spacing of the solar cells is designed and integrated into the artwork itself, giving varying degrees of transparency and sun-shading. The artwork layer of glass may be coloured, sandblasted, airbrushed, gold-leafed or hand-painted as the artwork dictates. Along with the exterior layer of photovoltaic glass it becomes a double glazed unit which enhances thermal insulation. The use of a PVB laminate makes the module very well suited to art glass skylights. The solar energy can illuminate the interior at night or be directed into any number of designated illumination requirements.

All work is of course site specific.

The art glass has its usual glorious interior effect without compromising the collection of solar energy.

Incorporating colour, light and art and with solar energy inspires us to think about our future in a new context.

These 3 direct links on my web site offer further photovoltaic project news:

Sarah Hall at the Soldiers Home




Would it not be something if the process
Could become cheap enough material wise
Such that students and the elderly could
Fabricate photovoltaic art glass that would
Heat the water for the “Growing Power” tilapia fish farm
In people’s attics or garages.




Wind at our backs in 2006,

Olde Godsile

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