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“Our species is the link between the biosphere and what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called the “noosphere,” the electronically mediated web of thought that had taken crystalline form by the end of the second millennium. This is a mind to which the whole species can contribute, and a mind whose workings will have consequences for the whole species—epic consequencs of one sort or another.

Edward O. Wilson has suggested that the “evolutionary epic” serves as our binding myth in the modern scientific age—a myth not in the sense of an untruth, but in the sense of a story that explains our existence and helps us orient ourselves to the world. ‘Every epic needs a hero,’ he writes, ‘The mind will do.’ In a sense, yes; the human mind represents the triumph of our lineage against great odds; its survival, by pluck and luck, as countless others perished; its ascent toward comprehension of itself and its creator, natural selection. At the same time, there is cause to pay tribute to another mind: the ‘mind’ that mediates natural selection. It is the relentless burgeoning of this creative biosphere, the self-accelerating growth in its innovation, that sets the stage for our triumph.”

Robert Wright, “Non-Zero: The Logic of Human Destiny”

What say thee out there
In your most delicious noosphere?

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