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To: [email protected]
From: Marcia Bernsten <[email protected]>
Subject: [Signers] Nov. 13 - Closing of the USCG Comment Period

Thank you for signing the Illinois Wisconsin Citizens for Lake Safety Online Petition. Your signatures have been delivered to the Coast Guard. The closing of the comment period is fast approaching.

One more thing that you can do to register your opposition to the plan is to send an email directly to the Coast Guard at the address given below. They say in their press release that they have received 550 comments on the docket. Let’s see if we can add to that number pushing it over 1000.

Your message does not have to be lengthy. Mention your opposition and what about the plan you find most disturbing. In the testimony given in Waukegan the most frequently mentioned items were: the environmental impact of lead and other chemicals and heavy metals,, danger to drinking water, lack on a complete environmental impact study, the danger to civilians, disruption of fishing, ferry and all other boating activity on the lakes, militarization of the Great Lakes, breaking our treaty with Canada, lack of proof of necessity to keep citizens “safe,” disrespect for the serenity and natural beauty of the lakes, etc. There are statements on the “who we are” page if you need some inspiration.

Here is some information from a press release on their website:


CLEVELAND - The Coast Guard has concluded all nine of the scheduled public hearing concerning the creation of 34 safety zones on the Great Lakes.

About 750 people attended the nine meetings and more than 550 comments have been submitted to the docket.

Members of the public who still wish to submit comment to the docket may do so through Nov. 13. (emphasis mine)

  • E-mail through the web site for the Docket Management System at Docket #25767″

The Coast Guard does not specify whether “through Nov. 13″ means 11:59p or the close of the business day. To be on the safe side, I would presume they are referring to the close of the business day, 5pm eastern time (4pm central).

Again, Thanks for signing the petition and continuing to add to the public’s voice of dismay at the plan to use the Great Lakes as a live-fire target practice training.


More than 160 people showed up at the public hearing the Coast Guard held in Waukegan, Illinois, which was the largest turnout at any of the hearings. Of the 52 people who spoke in Waukegan, 50 were strongly against the Coast Guards plan, one had mixed thoughts on the plan, and one person spoke in favor of the plan. It is obvious that there is almost no public support for live-fire machine gun practice on the Great Lakes.

What else do we do? For those of you who would like to discuss this online, we have created a discussion area titled After The Public Hearings at where you can post your ideas.

We managed to put together a very strong effort on very short notice, which we can all be proud of. Now, we go forward. The hearings were only the beginning. Continued pressure must be exerted to make sure the publics will is done.

Here are links to some of the coverage we have received.

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