resourced boomers defined

A boomer for this field of possibilities is anyone over 50. A resourced boomer is anyone with the kinds of capital listed below, and/or metis to share.

  • cultural capital
  • social capital
  • green dollar capital
  • spiritual capital

Milwaukee Renaissance Resourced Boomer Defined

A Milwaukee Renaissance resourced boomer is a resourced boomer who shares some of their variety of resources with young genius doing right things.

Chicago Ions

To Whom It May Concern:

I have concluded that my life’s work at the intersection of the races in Milwaukee and Chicago has great potential by aspiring to introduce the noetic sciences into the grass roots efforts in beloved community, urban agriculture, and local economics developments.

Let us aspire to

Democratize Noetics!

I would like to become part of conscious conversations with hopes of sharing the IONS meme for some kind of South Side Chicago and North Side Milwaukee renaissance.

And I hope to connect with Milwaukee and Madison area IONS.

Some of my story:

And the cofounder and executive director of the Sweet Water Foundation, Emmanuel Pratt:

Looking forward to 30.5 years of mighty collaborations!


PS. Jeff Kripal of “Esalen” authorship and I have been discussing on line visions of building upon the best of Esalen for an elevated Great Lakes Heartland culture over the past 18 months. I hope to meet him, God willing, at the Perry Avenue Community Farm during the IONS July Conference, at the intersection of Hyde Park and Englewood, in between space of unthinkable possibilities for addressing the metabolic and cultural rifts.

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