Restoration Artisans



Artur’s work includes:

  • Sculptures for yard, parks, open spaces
  • Stained -glass windows
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Coffee tables/end tables
  • Ornamental wooden floors
  • Ends for beds
  • Wooden carved armchairs
  • Restoration of antiquarian art

Check out and let me know if you would enjoy connecting. If you wish, give me a call at 232 1336. — Godsil


Norman Dunkelberger


I have worked with David North since 1980. His intelligence, energy, focus, integrity, and enthusiasm for learning the mysteries of water and buildings have inspired me throughout this almost 25 year relationship. Since about 1981 I have given any slate or tile that I salvage from roofs being switched to conventional coverings to David to sell on consignment, starting with the slate on St. Ann’s Church. I would imagine he has handled about $20,000 worth of such material. From the outset I completely trusted in his honesty and competence. I have never looked over his shoulder and worried about whether he was tilting equations in his favor, as normal humans are often found to do.
It is my belief, which has yet to be challenged, that David North handles roof restoration projects as he has handled my slate and tile: with exceptional intelligence and honesty. — Godsil

James Schettl

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