Let Me Be Buried in My Favorite Old Shoes

I bought a pair of hiking books from Eddie Bauer in 1980; it was a luxury item for me.
They have hiked many trails: the Alps in France, the Cascades in Washington, a volcano in Hawaii, a rain forest in Costa Rica, the St. Charles Bridge in Prague, and Helvelyn in the Lake District in England. The have rafted the Salmon River, the Green River, the New River, the Colorado River, the Flathead River and the Revenc’ion River. They have since retired to become my painting shoes and my garden boots. I love my boots. I hope to be buried in them.

Mary Griffith

Can My Black Tennis Shoes Remain My Roofing Shoes When I’m 97?

Wanda Scruggs Will Do Her Best
To Preserve My Comfortable Old Shoes

I wore black loafers to school and for social moments from about my 13th until my 28th birthday. For the past 10 years or so, I have worn black tennis shoes of good quality, like Addidas or something like that, on the roofs during the “season,” as well as year round in my social and business rounds. I hate buying new shoes, not just because of the money, but because new shoes are uncomfortable for a while, and sometimes the stores don’t have what I want and I must chase around shopping, which I hate. I recently decided that I would do my best to sustain the life of my current black tennis shoes of a year or so, which are very comfortable but requiring repair.
My great encounter with Wanda Scruggs is the first step of this adventure.

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