Over the next 38 years I would very much enjoy visions and stories the first major Downer development this past year witnessed. I think the city and many of the commercial class “go cheap” for lack of an historic imagination. We should have spent a few more city bucks and made a lovely park across the street from the Downer Theatre, and put the parking structure half below ground and half above ground at the North end of the street.

I hope this site will be a place to store worthy thoughts about how to do better with the next major development of one of our historic neighborhood’s “main streets.”

As the wealth of our glorious historic city becomes more and more obvious to more and more people across the planet, we will find ourselves in heated debate and sruggle over land-use and city-scape issues.

I hope we might improve our collective decision-making process with open source communities like the Milwaukee Renaissance.

The iron law of oligarchy, which finds minorities with most or all of the information, capable of overwhelming disorganized majorities lacking key facts, must become part of the dustbin of history.

We humans can do better.

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